Home energy assessors and building surveyors.

Here at EPEC Ltd as qualified and accredited energy assessors and building surveyors we are here to help you save Energy, improve the energy Performance and Efficiency of your home, and provide Cost savings to you.

We also offer an architectural design and specification service for home building projects such as extensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do EPEC Ltd offer?

EPEC Ltd which is short for 'Energy Performance Efficiency and Cost savings' is a small Limited Company based in Essex.

We offer a range of energy related services aimed at giving homeowners the best advice on how to reduce their energy usage and save money while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. These are: 

  • Sunamp UniQ Heat batteries
  • Domestic EPC
  • Energy Management for the home.
  • Sustainable home solutions. 
  • Energy performance upgrades for your home. 
  • Heating and plumbing services.
What is a Sunamp UniQ Heat battery?

A Sunamp UniQ Heat Battery is a renewable technology that replaces old inefficient hot water cylinders (both vented and unvented) with an A+++ energy rating. 

These 'charge' using electricity from your mains supply at cheap overnight rates, from solar panels and/or battery storage. 

The stored heat is released when you switch your hot tap on to wash in a sink, bath or shower just liek a combi boiler does. 

These are much smaller than hot water cylinders so allow for much more storage and living space. 

What are our EPC services?

We offer domestic EPCs at a reasonable cost (from £50.00) with short lead times (often within 48 hours) from quotation to booking, site survey, calculations and production of the EPC.

What Energy management services do we offer?

We offer an Energy Management for the home service. In this we carry out a detailed energy usage survey, building survey and produce a written report with recommendations for cost savings for homeowners. 

What sustainable home solution services do we offer?

We offer a range of sustainable home solutions. We can carry out a lifestyle survey and report on how you can improve your lifestyle by using energy and other resources in a sustainable way. 

You can always just contact us for an informal chat about how to improve your resource use and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What energy performance upgrades do we offer?

We can advise on, design and install a range of energy performance upgrades for your home.

From thermal insulation to upgrading heating and hot water systems including air source heat pump installation and commissioning. 

What heating and plumbing services do we offer?

Our heating and plumbing services including design of central heating and hot and cold water systems, maintenance including Unvented Cylinders (Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders), repairs and servicing. 

These are all carried out by professional, experienced qualified, insured and accredited engineers. 

Even if you have a small leak or a tap that needs replacing please do call us. 

By analysing your home's energy performance we can help advise how to improve your energy use saving you money in the process


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