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Sustainable living and energy use.

What is sustainable living and how can you use energy sustainably? To help us get into this I decided to ask my ten year old step son the same question as the title of this – what is sustainable living and how can you use energy sustainably? His immediate answer was, ‘I don’t actually know.’ I thought about this and actually considered how many people do indeed have a good understanding of what sustainable living is and how to use energy sustainably. Most people’s perception of living sustainably probably harks back to the old hippies of the...

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Sunamp UniQ Heat Batteries and EPEC Ltd.

The cost saving benefits of installing a Sunamp UniQ Heat Battery first became apparent to us at EPEC Ltd when analysing customer energy use data and working out the most cost effective way of using excess solar PV energy and economy seven or equivalent overnight cheap rate electricity. Sunamp UniQ Heat Battery range The Sunamp UniQ Heat Batteries also have space saving benefits particularly for newbuilds and upgrading hot water systems in smaller domestic properties such as flats and HMOs (house of multiple occupation). The environmental benefits are also apparent as this low carbon...

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