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Sustainable living and energy use.

What is sustainable living and how can you use energy sustainably? To help us get into this I decided to ask my ten year old step son the same question as the title of this – what is sustainable living and how can you use energy sustainably? His immediate answer was, ‘I don’t actually know.’ I thought about this and actually considered how many people do indeed have a good understanding of what sustainable living is and how to use energy sustainably. Most people’s perception of living sustainably probably harks back to the old hippies of the...

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An approach to improving the thermal performance of old timber-framed buildings by Daniel Hurst April 2019.

External walls insulated plastered and decorated Recently I have been considering how to improve the thermal performance of older properties, particularly those that are built of a traditional timber frame. The walls of these properties cannot be treated with Government Subsidised Cavity Wall Insulation so I decided to carry out an experiment on my own home, starting a couple of weeks before Christmas with my bedroom – much to my wife’s joy! A traditional timber framed house is built out of timber studs (in my case these are made of solid oak) faced with timber planks, wired then cement...

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