SAP Calculation

SAP Calculation
Some aspects of a building that are measured to gather data to produce a SAP Calculation

When considering using our SAP Calculation service it is worthwhile to note that SAP calculations in England are constantly changing.

New proposals include reducing the Target Emission Rate (TER) by roughly a third, introducing new energy targets and setting lower U-Value requirements.

As part of the Building Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland, every new-build dwelling is required to comply with regularly updated energy efficiency standards. For a residential building, a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP Calculation) is carried out to show compliance.

Our Elmhurst accredited OCDEA SAP Calculation experts review your building plans with the proposed specification to compare your building’s expected carbon emissions against the target. The data from the calculation is used to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is needed to sell or rent the new build property.

A good time to hire us to carry out a SAP Calculation is once you’ve received planning approval before work begins on site. This gives our SAP experts the best opportunity to offer solutions to meet compliance if your proposed specification does not meet the carbon emission target.

We work closely with local authorities to understand their requirements and have a good level of experience in producing accurate SAP calculations trusted by local authorities. We have in mind the bigger picture when producing your SAP, and if we think you are over-committing in specific areas, we’ll notify you and show where you can save yourself money.

For example, savings can be made by using a low emissivity foil based cavity wall insulation when compared with full cavity fill with rockwool. Although this is more expensive from a materials point of view it allows a developer more space to offer a potential home buyer as the cavity can be made smaller.

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