Sunamp UniQ heat battery sales and installation.

Sunamp UniQ heat battery range for affordable hot water and heating


What are the UniQ heat batteries that we sell and install?

  • Batteries that store more energy in less space with the new Sunamp UniQ range of Heat Batteries, a flexible solution to upgrade your hot water and heating systems.
  • UniQ Heat Batteries replace traditional cylinders, enhance your combi boiler and integrate renewables.
  • They are easy to fit, low maintenance and have a lifespan of over 40,000 cycles (the equivalent of over 50 years of average use).

Why choose the Sunamp UniQ range of heat batteries?

  • Flexible modular system that can be recharged from most energy sources.
  • Reliable exceptionally long-life, proven to last beyond 50 years.
  • Affordable store more energy in less space at an accessible price.

As approved installers of the range of Sunamp UniQ heat batteries, EPEC Ltd will ensure the product is installed in line with manufacturer’s guidelines with a no quibble guarantee.

We are based in Essex, UK, covering roughly a 50 miles radius of Great Dunmow including North East London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

We currently sell and can install Sunamp UniQ heat batteries to work with your existing heating and hot water system or for complete new systems including heat pumps, solar photovoltaic, hybrid and traditional boilers.

Space saving with the Sunamp UniQ Heat Battery compared to the equivalent hot water cylinder

The Sunamp UniQ heat battery works well for hot water and/or a space heating supply. It works with heat pumps, can be charged with cheap rate economy 7 and/or solar photovoltaic electricity and for heating and hot water with combi boilers.

Sunamp UniQ heat batteries are a way of maximising the ROI (Return on Investment) of solar systems, replace space wasting and inefficient hot water cylinders and reduce your carbon foot print by using excess solar produced electricity to charge the battery. You can also charge them using cheap rate overnight electricity (Economy 7 or equivalent).

How it works: The ‘battery’ is made of a simple chemical similar to that found in hand warmers. It is ‘charged’ using electricity. When it ‘discharges’ the heat stored by the battery is used to heat your hot water for washing up, showers and baths. This removes the need for an inefficient, wasteful hot water cylinder. The Sunamp UniQ heat battery provides instantaneous heat for you when you need it.

The image above shows how the system works with a solar photovoltaic system. The excess electricity generated by the solar panels is used to charge the thermal battery. This heat is released to your hot water system when you need it simply by turning on the tap.

The video presented by Fully Charged explains how the system works:

Here at EPEC Ltd we offer a supply and installation service for Sunamp UniQ heat batteries as fully trained and accredited installers. Contact us for more information or to book in an appointment for a site and system appraisal and quotation.


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