What are design and specification?

3D image of an architectural design by EPEC Ltd

At EPEC Ltd we offer a design and specification service. This service is useful if you are considering having an extension designed for your home or internal reconfiguration work to your home.

Many people are under the impression that only an architect can carry out design work for people’s houses. This is not the case. In fact, if you have some very basic drawing skills, access to a pen, paper, tape measure and ruler you could do the plans yourself and submit them for planning approval.

We use an industry standard approach to design and specification work and outline this below.

  1. What is design?

Design is a realisation of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, plan or specification. 

design initial stage

2. What is a specification?

This is an exact statement of particulars in building which prescribes the materials, dimensions, and the quality of work required for the building or installation.  It has three sections – preliminaries; materials and workmanship; schedule of works.

design specification services

These are prepared by us, as a Building Surveyor.  They include design and tender documents and a rough indication of costs.


This will include manufacturer details and notes on installation prepared by the Building Surveyor.  We include the methods required to deliver high quality workmanship and the standards to which these need to be delivered to.


This will also be prepared by the Building Surveyor and specifies clearly the works required and make it easier for the contractor tendering for the contract.

schedule of work

What are our design and specification services?

Here at EPEC Ltd we offer design and specification services which work as follows:

  1. Strategic definition – this is where we meet with our client to try to understand their objectives and requirements.  Here we will formulate an outline project brief.

2. Preparation work and project brief – this is where we meet with our client based on their outline brief and formally confirm the client’s objectives, including time, cost, quality, sustainability and our client’s aspirations for these.  We will also prepare an outline budget for the works and examine potential risks.

3. Concept Design – Here we prepare a draft outline design based on the agreed project brief.  We will also look at any structural or other services costings required for this project.  At this point we will formally agree the brief and the concept design.  We can offer pre-planning application advice at this stage.

4. Developed Design – Here we will prepare and agree the concept design with the client.  This may include hand-drawn sketches and brief written reports.  We will also carry out planning application submission.

5. Technical Design – Once planning permission has been approved we will produce the specification and technical drawings to ensure that the design meets current Building Regulations.

If you are looking at having design work carried out for your home extension or reconfiguration project and want to be confident that this will meet planning and building regulations then please contact us for more information and a quotation for our services.


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